The Bay of the Somme in Picardy
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The Bay of Somme

camping en Picardie

A member of the club of the most beautiful bays in the world, situated in the middle of the department of the same name, the Bay of Somme is bordered by the Picardy coast, which stretches over 70 km, from the Bresle Valley to the Bay of Authie and by its magnificent estuary.

The Bay of Somme nature reserve

The Bay of Somme estuary covers 15 km, from the lands of Picardy to the English Channel. Its enchanting colours inspired Delacroix, Colette, Jules Verne, Victor Hugo and many others.

To escape in this unique place, there's nothing better than a walk on the large sandy beaches of the bay or an outing to the Marquenterre Park, situated in the middle of the Bay of Somme nature reserve. It is the favourite refuge of migrating birds and offers visitors a moment of magic in an untamed environment.

Choose the Bay of the Somme for a successful holiday
camping in Cayeux-sur-Mer and Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme.

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